Welcome to our website

Welcome to the official site of OLFU Beauties and Handsome. We are rocking the world for the School Year 2014-2015 with new beauties and handsome that will surely rock your world. This OLFU Beauties and Handsome site is an extension of the official Facebook fanpage which was launched last August 18 in the year 2011.

This year, we are looking for great beauties and handsome that will surely rock the world of Our Lady of Fatima University community. Of course, the page will not be complete without the beautiful and handsome founding administrators of the OLFU Beauties and Handsome page plus 4 new Administrators since 2013.

Airish Corral Sabate (Founding Admin)

John Michael Angelo (Founder/Founding Admin)


Rustine Roquero (Founding Admin)

Tierre Monika Bose (2013 New Admin)

This year 2014, we have added 2 more new admins that will probably join us in the next coming months:

Ellen Rose Alamon

Marj Mendoza

So, jumpstart and kick off as we are approaching 3 this coming August 2014!


OLFU Beauties and Handsome Page 2013: Relaunched and Reformatted

As the new school year approaches, this OLFU Beauties and Handsome Cluster Site has been reformatted and changed to OLFU Beauties and Handsome 2013. Watch out for new features that you, Fatima students will surely enjoy and love. Also, we will be featuring OLFU activities that will be posted by...
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